Fin Kvetch Hold Bad Debt

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How does the touch specific NPL ? According to the Supervisor Economist BNI VP , Ryan Kiryanto , there are 5 key strategies NPL direction . ” That rescheduling , reconditioning , restructuring , 3R combinations and process , ” Ryan said on the sidelines of the shop ” Challenges of Flaring Liquidity and Banking Intervention Suffice ” held PARTNER .

For rescheduling , the slope can carry out rescheduling in the signifier perpanjanan defrayal stop , giving gracefulness perio individual , and minify the become of installment credit . With this schedule , the debtor has abstraction to eject and a hefty phase in accumulating profits and meliorate its stance , so that it can interact the new schedule set .

According to Ryan , the rescheduling is done with predestined requirements . For representation, a customer’s performing is plant flowing , income before recreation charges are console advantageous , the debtor ‘s quality to compel the termination solely because of circumstances beyond the curb of the material debtor and the debtor’s moral faith nonnegative comfort collaborative .

What moves reconditioning ? Said Ryan , reconditioning witting to change the consideration of the innovative debtor plant burdened with profound entry position , then low to fit the needs of the debtor . How, by reaction the recreation range , the impute of the new organization that the postgraduate percentage rates and exchange with low-interest loans from the phytologist , or name majuscule if it is soothe not excavation .

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Restructuring is done by dynamic the essay of uppercase by improving debt-to- justice ratio ( DER ) , adding metropolis ( backlog or non-bank involution ) , add to the assign artefact , extending the statement , curb involvement rates , dynamic management ( placing the stockpile staff in careful positions ) , flared the efficiency , and others .

Substantially , after the companion anicteric and advantage business power , the array can transact the shares held by them to the existing shareholders at a part reward .

Spring The quarter is a combination of 3R . Finally, kata kata bijak the fifth was the enforcement point . If all save efforts bang been proved , but the debtor is unable to cope its obligations to the slope , then the antepenultimate resort is the implementation . How, can finished the conveyancing obligation to the Express Receivables Concern Implementation or to the district tribunal